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A garden tour of Iran May 23, 2007

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kashan1.jpgPersian Spring

Gardens in the Axis of Evil.


Iranian Filmmaker Extraordinaire May 22, 2007

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caveh1.jpg And by extraordinary, I mean just that.   The fact that no Iranian Ive met knows his name, is a huge testimony to the supra-Kiarostami & anti-establishment nature of his art.   Perhaps he spells CAVEH with C so to delibrately keep us off the scent! : ) First saw him in the philosophy-cum-dreamscape masterpeice Waking Life, and loved his stylistic PZAZZ of talking and his obvious genuine passion for the cinematic arts.   Now working on finding his films … 

His biography & filmography can be found @  


Original Sin: Woman, Hejab, Man, Naked!

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Equality of the sexes in Adam/Jesus/Mohammad, whoops I mean GOD’S eyes …



Bad Hejabi May 15, 2007

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Axis of Evil Comedy

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A trio of Mideast comedians –Maz Jobrani, Iranian;  Aron Kader, Palestinian; and Ahmed Ahmed, Eygptian -who challenge ethnic stereotypes about terrorism & suicide bombing …

axisevil.jpg May 13, 2007

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Culinary mastery has never been a hallmark of the CHELO KABAB credo most people associate with persian cuisine (and thats if they differentiate it from generic middle eastern “shish kebab”), but of course we ourselves know the delights of sweet, sour, fragrant, herb-infused, saffron-laced dishes thanewfood.jpgt a kadbanou with dastpokht can serve up.   Of all the cookbooks ive seen, none bring this sense to the page …. except New Food of Life, by Najmieh Batmanglij:  a high quality hardcover with luscious photographs and elegantly-written recipies and comprehensive coverage of all things edible & delectable from torshi to halva.   Raves by critics in NYTimes, Washington Post, etc.   Really I would recommend you recommend this to anyone interested in our food & culture.   Or who just wants a look at an haute gastronomie take on ghormeh sabzi …


Ahmadinejad’s Dream May 12, 2007

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Funny animation clip on You Tube: