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Bandari Infographic Dance in France July 27, 2007

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babelle.jpg   “Babelle heureuse” 

The last dance event of the 2002 Romaeuropa Festival was the Italian première of Babelle heureuse, staged by Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu. Babelle heureuse, created just this year by Montalvo and Hervieu, is the result of their collaboration with the Iranian musicians Saeid Shanbehzadeh and Habib Meftahbousheheri, who perform onstage with the dancers. The music is very important in this work, because it connects the different actions together: all the dancers sing and the musicians dance.

This ballet mixes all genres in equal measure; they coexist on the stage with an effect that is pleasing and funny at the same time. There’s hip-hop, en pointe ballet, contemporary dance, acrobatic dance, contortionism and short intermezzos that are recited and sung. The backdrop is a screen on which funny still or moving images (e.g., ducks, juicy details of Reuben’s Venus, the dancers themselves) are projected; the artists interact with them, at times actually seeming to emerge from or enter the screen itself. Some of the pieces are simply hilarious. The score is a mixture of genres too: traditional Persian music performed live is interspersed with Bach, Vivaldi and even several Mozart arias.

The whole is extremely enjoyable and captivating. The show was wholly enjoyable, ironic, without a dull moment. Laughs were frequent, the artists were all excellent and fun, and were rewarded with very warm applause. Needless to say, all performances were sold out.


FREE KIAN June 23, 2007

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By Aryeh Neier

To the Editors:

On May 11, a few days after the detention in Tehran of Haleh Esfandiari, another Iranian-American scholar, Kian Tajbakhsh, was also detained. On May 29, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence charged both with endangering Iranian national security and espionage. The charges have no merit. Dr. Tajbakhsh is an urban planning and urban policy expert who received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1993 and taught at the New School in New York from 1994 to 2001. He has been a consultant for the Open Society Institute in Iran for the past three years, focusing on public health —particularly, treatment for Iran’s vast number of users of injected drugs—humanitarian assistance, and urban planning. Dr. Tajbakhsh has also served as a consultant for a Dutch urban planning group, for the World Bank, and for several Iranian government organizations. We know little about Dr. Tajbakhsh’s treatment in detention. As I write, nearly three weeks after his arrest, he has not seen a lawyer or family members. Though he may make one-minute phone calls to his wife, what they say is obviously monitored and she is understandably reluctant to repeat what he says as the only thread that keeps them in contact could be cut easily. In seeking the release of Dr. Tajbakhsh, the Open Society Institute is eager to see that his case does not heighten tensions between Iran and the West. That would undermine Dr. Tajbakhsh’s efforts to promote a peaceful resolution of differences by his engagement in scholarly and humanitarian projects that involve collaboration between Iranians and Westerners.

Aryeh Neier President

Open Society Institute

New York City


Utube music video linx June 22, 2007

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Persian pop with hot boys & good beats : ) 

arash featuring helena

arash & dj alligator live  “music is my language”

afshin “bikhial”

afshin “mach”

black cats “leyla”

cameron cartio “roma”

cameron cartia featuring khaled “henna”

127 “Perfect Isfahan Blues”


Funny Guy June 6, 2007

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Good hair day
Siamack Baniameri
June 3, 2007

I was extremely proud to be watching the Iranian National Soccer Team play against Mexico on Saturday. Even though the depleted Iranian team was no match for Mexico’s mediocrity, but what made me most proud were the awesome, perky, lavish and bouncy hairdos of the Iranian players. We have to admit that our national team had a good hair day.

I especially enjoyed Iranian footballers’ fake tumbles and Hollywood-style dives while maintaining a perfect hair posture. The most delightful part of the match was watching the National players master the art of fixing hairdos immediately after a header or avoiding contact all together for the fear of sending a few strings of long hair from one side to the other.

True that our B team was a few steps behind Mexico’s C team, but we have to hand it to our players for recognizing the fact that it’s not important how you play the game so long as your hair makes you look like top European strikers.


Check out his complete satire peices in The Iranican Dream iranican.jpgor on



Persian Pride June 3, 2007

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I took this picture in the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco on Sunday. I couldn’t find out who was the guy who had the flag, but whomever you are my brother, you have my best compliments.  – Mehran, on 



Iranian Filmmaker Extraordinaire May 22, 2007

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caveh1.jpg And by extraordinary, I mean just that.   The fact that no Iranian Ive met knows his name, is a huge testimony to the supra-Kiarostami & anti-establishment nature of his art.   Perhaps he spells CAVEH with C so to delibrately keep us off the scent! : ) First saw him in the philosophy-cum-dreamscape masterpeice Waking Life, and loved his stylistic PZAZZ of talking and his obvious genuine passion for the cinematic arts.   Now working on finding his films … 

His biography & filmography can be found @  


Bad Hejabi May 15, 2007

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