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Funny Guy June 6, 2007

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Good hair day
Siamack Baniameri
June 3, 2007

I was extremely proud to be watching the Iranian National Soccer Team play against Mexico on Saturday. Even though the depleted Iranian team was no match for Mexico’s mediocrity, but what made me most proud were the awesome, perky, lavish and bouncy hairdos of the Iranian players. We have to admit that our national team had a good hair day.

I especially enjoyed Iranian footballers’ fake tumbles and Hollywood-style dives while maintaining a perfect hair posture. The most delightful part of the match was watching the National players master the art of fixing hairdos immediately after a header or avoiding contact all together for the fear of sending a few strings of long hair from one side to the other.

True that our B team was a few steps behind Mexico’s C team, but we have to hand it to our players for recognizing the fact that it’s not important how you play the game so long as your hair makes you look like top European strikers.


Check out his complete satire peices in The Iranican Dream iranican.jpgor on



Original Sin: Woman, Hejab, Man, Naked! May 22, 2007

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Equality of the sexes in Adam/Jesus/Mohammad, whoops I mean GOD’S eyes …



Bad Hejabi May 15, 2007

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Axis of Evil Comedy

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A trio of Mideast comedians –Maz Jobrani, Iranian;  Aron Kader, Palestinian; and Ahmed Ahmed, Eygptian -who challenge ethnic stereotypes about terrorism & suicide bombing …



Ahmadinejad’s Dream May 12, 2007

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Funny animation clip on You Tube:


Cartoonbox: Prelude April 19, 2007

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Finding Nabavi

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alefnoun.jpgSpeaking of satirical “noon”s, for a year now I’ve been trying to read Ebrahim Nabavi’s Alef Noon, titled to pun on the spelled-out version of the prez initals  … finally ordered it from  (the persion version of amazon) and crossing my fingers customs will wave me by …  I will post any good excerpts here next month.