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Kiarostami @ MOMA June 11, 2007

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Abbas Kiarostami: Image Maker
March 1–May 28, 2007


Abbas Kiarostami’s gallery installation Five (2004)—a canny and sublime work which will also be screened as a single theatrical projection during the retrospective of the artist’s entire moving-image oeuvre—beautifully mines the potential of digital imagery and sound while playfully investigating the fluid limits of documentary art practice. Alternatively titled Five Dedicated to Ozu, the work was acquired by MoMA after its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004, and this is its first presentation in the U.S. as a media installation. This meditative work, which focuses on the ebb and flow of the tide at a beach, comprises five segments projected in a continuous and synchronized loop onto five separate partitions dividing the gallery space, with the audio component of each screen blending slightly together.

This work is presented in conjunction with MoMA’s Abbas Kiarostami film retrospective


Iranian Filmmaker Extraordinaire May 22, 2007

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caveh1.jpg And by extraordinary, I mean just that.   The fact that no Iranian Ive met knows his name, is a huge testimony to the supra-Kiarostami & anti-establishment nature of his art.   Perhaps he spells CAVEH with C so to delibrately keep us off the scent! : ) First saw him in the philosophy-cum-dreamscape masterpeice Waking Life, and loved his stylistic PZAZZ of talking and his obvious genuine passion for the cinematic arts.   Now working on finding his films … 

His biography & filmography can be found @  


Ahmadinejad’s Dream May 12, 2007

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Funny animation clip on You Tube:


Cartoon Responses to “300” April 16, 2007

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We’re all sick & tired of reading overhyped rants about 300, but cartoons are always good eye-candy.  And sometimes, images speak louder than words ….


Here’s a refreshing take on Persian drama queen sentimentality …..


And this one is a fun play on the film’s logo ……….



Persapolis Animated April 15, 2007

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satrapi-2.jpg    The black&white animated film adaptation of Marjane Satrapi’s bestselling autobiographical graphic novels (Persepolis I & II) is set to release in 2008 by SonyClassics, with the ‘Perisan-Parisian’ author starring as herself, and legendary French actress Catherine Deneuvue giving voice to her grandmother.   See her blog for comments.


Gulf 15 Film April 13, 2007

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12 April 2007 [from The Guardian]

First there was the furore over their capture. Then the backlash when released. But no drama is ever complete without an accompanying movie, and yesterday Iran beat Hollywood to the mark by pledging to recount the entire 13-day affair in a film.

It will tell the story of the British sailors, accounts that are likely to focus on the hospitality and fun they had, rather than the imprisonment and isolation.

What the producers will make of Arthur Batchelor’s claim that he lost his iPod and was traumatised by taunts that he resembled Mr Bean …