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Cartoonbox: Prelude April 19, 2007

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George, Mahmoud, and the F Word April 15, 2007

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In fall 2006, David Ignatius of the Washington Post in his editorial A Virtual US-Iran Dialogue, optimistically asked what “Proximity talks” -a diplomatic term for indirect negotiation -between EvilAxis & GreatSatan were going … 

Today, most bloggers I read are pro-talk and anti-preempt.  But it wasnt always that way …… many comments had to be exchanged, networked, and linked betwisxt the global citizenocracy.  It would seem that “CONVERSING” promotes”COMPROMISE,” in some abysmal age-of-communication way …..

I suggest that Bush get a blog ( … nifty acronym, compared to the duh! .  The two fatheaded foes can open fire, fury, flaming fuckall on each other in an open feedback forum.   If they desire a more private ring, they can Twitter (the 140-wrd limit will be thier mediator).  Or A&B can webcam-conference with Condi, Dick, ElBaradei  … Ki-Moon, Larijani, Tony, etc.   

After all, how difficult is it really, to discuss the power of the US dollar viz. oil exchange currency ….?

SERIOUSLY!  How zeitgeist would that be??  The first world crisis resolved online.   We can rename Web 3.0 in their honor:  the Force.          



Dissidents in DC: Sign Petition 4 No War on Iran

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  • Seymour Hersh (New York Times) has reported that U.S. Special Operation Forces are already operating in preparation for a possible attack via use of “a bunker-buster tactical nuclear weapon” against Iran’s underground nuclear sites
  • US-backed guerrilla cells have entered Iran from Pakistan, engaging in sabotage & car bombings
  •  U.S. Navy involved in the largest military exercises in Persian Gulf since the invasion of Iraq. Two immense aircraft carriers are steaming off the coast of Iran, according to the Associated Press (AP). 
  • Al Jazeera reports, “American military domination of the Middle East is maintained by a vast network of military bases throughout the region. The US military in case of war has the capacity to crush Iran by round-the-clock bombing using cruise missiles and hundreds of warplanes.”

In the Spring of 2007, activists from across the globe signed on Stop War on IranWe marched in Washington (above) and have collected tens of thousands of petition signatures. Sign the petition @


Tomorrow, What?

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Hot post:  Iran: the war ahead


Danish Artists At It Again April 14, 2007

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COPENHAGEN (Reuters) Dec. 2006- A Danish art group that pokes fun at world leaders targeted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday by placing an advertisement in a Tehran newspaper with an insulting hidden message.

Beneath a picture of the president, a series of apparently sympathetic statements were arranged as:


Support his fight against Bush

We are also tired of Bush

Iran has the right to produce nuclear energy

No US aggression against any country

Evil US military stay home


However, the first letters of each phrase, when read from top to bottom, spell out “S-W-I-N-E”.

The English-language Tehran Times, the conservative daily that printed the half-page advert, had apparently not detected the hidden message.

“We did it to cause a reaction,” said Jan Egesborg, who teaches at the Danish School of Fine Arts. “There is a young population there which wants more liberalisation. Hopefully they will be inspired,” he said. “It’s nothing against the country or the people, it’s against the person in power.”


Thus Spake Dubya April 11, 2007

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US President George W. Bush in a speech: 

Secondly, the tactics of our—as you know, we don’t have relationships with Iran. I mean, that’s—ever since the late ’70s, we have no contacts with them, and we’ve totally sanctioned them. In other words, there’s no sanctions—you can’t—we’re out of sanctions.”—Annandale, Va., Aug. 9, 2004



The 29th Year April 9, 2007

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1386 began with nothing less spectacular than the British crisis … it can only get crazier over the next eleven months. What further stunts will our ringleaders pull out of their amamehs?

Will we be nuked, contained, or invited to talk? 

Will Iran-US War, a buzzword already creeping into foreign media, appear in headlines as a reality?  

Will economic paralysis be worth membership in the nuclear club?

And, most importantly, will Iranian citizens keep the “ettehade-melli” faith if Bush comes to shove … ? 

Or, will things slowly be lulled into oblivion …

What can we expect to hope and fear on the eve of the three-decade anniversary of the revolution?