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NAN VA ESHQ VA MOTOR 1000 April 19, 2007

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A few nights ago, I watched the delightful 2002 film “Nan o Eshgh o Motor-e-Hezar″ again … and enjoyed it even more than the first time.   Its a Khatami-era exemplar of breezy laughs and a Fardin/Titanic parody that surprisingly turns out to have a genuine touch of romance (think My Fair Lady).   Plus, pretty savvy technical tricks (for Iranian filmmaking) like freeze-frame voiceovers, flashbacks, cast epilouge, and … an ending you that will make you grin madly.

I dont want to sound like a movie advert, but … ”SEE IT!” 

naneshq.jpg  Synopsis from 

Another fine comedy staring Akbar Abdi. You’ll laugh throughout the movie. Everything begins when an aristocratic family reluctantly get involved in a marriage just to maintain their social status.



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