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Shahnameh Reigns Epic April 16, 2007

Filed under: Art,Books,Iran,Media — Tara @ 5:08 pm

The great national epic of Persia—

the most complete English-language edition

shahname.jpg  …………. FINALLY!!  A 1000-year-long overdue entry to public Western readership in its rightful rank among masterpeices such as Iliad, Odyssey, Lord of the Rings : )


Penguin publishes only the ‘jewels’ in its Classics Deluxe collection … Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings (2007) newly translated by Dick Davis with a forward by Lolita/Tehran author Azar Nafisi … (couldnt they have chosen a more scholarly Persian Lit guy to represent Ferdowsi??   such as Dr. Abbas Milani)

Washington Post Book World has named it one of the Ten Best Books of the Year ……… again, I re-raise the objection: how about one of the best in ten centuries???  


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