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George, Mahmoud, and the F Word April 15, 2007

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In fall 2006, David Ignatius of the Washington Post in his editorial A Virtual US-Iran Dialogue, optimistically asked what “Proximity talks” -a diplomatic term for indirect negotiation -between EvilAxis & GreatSatan were going … 

Today, most bloggers I read are pro-talk and anti-preempt.  But it wasnt always that way …… many comments had to be exchanged, networked, and linked betwisxt the global citizenocracy.  It would seem that “CONVERSING” promotes”COMPROMISE,” in some abysmal age-of-communication way …..

I suggest that Bush get a blog ( … nifty acronym, compared to the duh! .  The two fatheaded foes can open fire, fury, flaming fuckall on each other in an open feedback forum.   If they desire a more private ring, they can Twitter (the 140-wrd limit will be thier mediator).  Or A&B can webcam-conference with Condi, Dick, ElBaradei  … Ki-Moon, Larijani, Tony, etc.   

After all, how difficult is it really, to discuss the power of the US dollar viz. oil exchange currency ….?

SERIOUSLY!  How zeitgeist would that be??  The first world crisis resolved online.   We can rename Web 3.0 in their honor:  the Force.          



One Response to “George, Mahmoud, and the F Word”

  1. Nader Says:

    if they dont wanna duke it out in a blog battle, perhaps they can IM wrestle. they could use “getting sick” faces and “laughing till it hurts” faces to accurately depict their emotions. that way Ahmadinejad could keep up with his myspace account at the same time, and Bush wouldn’t have to abort his online Duck Hunt game… he should watch out though, cause Cheney just might link himself in.

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