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[excerpt from a girl’s journal across the world] April 15, 2007

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jasmine.jpg   from persepolis to palenque

even after the highly publicized persian art & history exhibit at the museo nacional de antropología, the largest of its kind ever seen in north america, interest in that particular culture seems to linger in mexico city. the other day i eavesdropped on a group of teenagers shopping for persian classical music (of the santoor variety) at a bootleg market. and then, a few days ago, ambigous 8-feet tall posters with colorful pictures and factoids about iran turned up in various corners of the mall in which’s unfortunate basement i teach english. i assumed that it was some kind of tourism campaign waged by iran. but, instead, there is now a sprawling exhibit/market of persian and other middle eastern handicrafts – from lush rolls of persian carpets to silver-plated evil eyes.who is responsible for this? the man behind the counter, an egyptian-mexican sporting a nehru cap, told me that they just want to promote aspects of persian and arabic culture otherwise unseen in mexico. i think they’re doing a good job. i am inclined to believe that a finely executed persian miniature is bound to make a stronger impression than years of propaganda by every wicked american presidential administration since -April 14, 2007


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