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Iran Art in Media April 14, 2007

Filed under: Art,Iran,Media,Tehran — Tara @ 9:10 pm

Some recent coverage in international art magazines:

MONOPOL, April 2007  (Germany) “Does Iran Have the Art Bomb?”

er … cant read German … but I think the headline is self-explanatory


GALLERIE, January 2007  (India)“Contemporary Culture in Iran” 

A comprehensive overview of all arts iranian -from the typography of Reza Abedini to the operas of Pari Saberi, and everything in between.  Plus an in-depth history of post-revolution era art by Dr. Sami Azar, former TMoCA director.         


VAROOM, Janurary 2007 (UK):  “A World Beyond” 

Takes a look at the work of Amirali Ghasemi, prolific media artist & curator of




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