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Danish Artists At It Again April 14, 2007

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COPENHAGEN (Reuters) Dec. 2006- A Danish art group that pokes fun at world leaders targeted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday by placing an advertisement in a Tehran newspaper with an insulting hidden message.

Beneath a picture of the president, a series of apparently sympathetic statements were arranged as:


Support his fight against Bush

We are also tired of Bush

Iran has the right to produce nuclear energy

No US aggression against any country

Evil US military stay home


However, the first letters of each phrase, when read from top to bottom, spell out “S-W-I-N-E”.

The English-language Tehran Times, the conservative daily that printed the half-page advert, had apparently not detected the hidden message.

“We did it to cause a reaction,” said Jan Egesborg, who teaches at the Danish School of Fine Arts. “There is a young population there which wants more liberalisation. Hopefully they will be inspired,” he said. “It’s nothing against the country or the people, it’s against the person in power.”


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